I've called and taken several sika, male and female using the call. This nice stag
challenged my bugle and was raking a sapling and I was able to take him at 25
yards.The call has transformed my sika hunting from a passive, tree stand
experiences to active, on the ground, "in your face" encounters.

Dennis Stolte

I could not speak enough kind words about Doug Wigfield and Wildlife Advantage.
Working with Doug was extremely rewarding. He is professional , courteous, and
when he says he will do something, he gets it done. To top it off, he is a funny guy
who I look forward to chatting with.  It is an honor to give Doug the highest praise I
can possibly give.

Bob Lynch

The first day of the Maryland season I decided to battle the mosquitoes and hunt
near Cambridge. At first light a deer walked in right under my stand. I was as scent
free as possible. He stood in the water under me for 10 minutes. I knew it was a
sika but wasn't sure yet of the gender. As it got lighter I could tell it was a scrubby 4
point. It started to walk away and when it hit about 20 yards, I picked up my Sika
Seducer that I bought from Doug Wigfield and chirped three times. With this the
buck turned broadside and walked right in front of me at 10 yards. He wasn't quite
what I was looking for, so I watched as he disappeared into a reed bed.

That afternoon at 5:25 p.m. I caught a spike moving by me at 70 yards. With three
chirps on the Seducer, he changed direction and made his way to within 15 yards.
He got down wind of me and due to the fact that it was hot and I had been sweating
pretty badly, he busted me. Sitting as still as possible, he stood at 15 yards for 15
minutes eating on submerged vegetation but looked right at me every time he
picked his head up. I moved once and he spooked out to about 35 yards. I picked up
the Seducer again and chirped three times. Not hesitating a bit, he moved right back
into the water at 20 yards. When he finally got out of sight, I looked at my watch and
it was 6:35 p.m. I couldn't believe it. I had kept the spike within 35 yards for one hour
even after he busted me once. What an experience!”

Kirk Tull
Last fall we filmed an episode for "The Bucks of Tecomate Television" down in
Dorchester County, Maryland--in search of the elusive wild Sika Deer.  We were
fortunate to have  Doug Wigfield as our personal on-board Biologist throughout the 3
day shoot.  Doug was instrumental in sharing his knowledge along with excellent
segments on Sika vocalization and the proper use of his Sika Seducer Call.  The
Sika Seducer was directly responsible for one of the Stags we killed on film during
that hunt.  On a personal note, I found Doug Wigfield to be a true gentleman with first
class principles.  Our entire film crew were enthralled with his knowledge on
wildlife as a whole, as well as his first hand knowledge and history with Sika's!  The
pleasure was all ours and hope to hunt with him in the near future.

Mali Vujanic
The Bucks of Tecomate TV Field Host
Tecomate Wildlife Systems
Outdoor Essentials, LLC
A Few Testimonials...

This is my 40th season hunting Sikas. Starting as a child, I’ve roamed the
Dorchester County marshes countless times. I’ve only used the Seducer for a
couple of years now, and I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. But now, two
years and four stags later, I can attest to the results of the product.

My first successful encounter was in the Fall of ’09. A stag bugled out of some
Phragmites about 100 yards away and I cut loose with a 3 cadence bugle of my own.
My heart was pounding as I heard the stag exit the Phrags, jump a ditch and come
looking for the interloper. I took that 5 pointer broadside as he was searching for his

The Early Muzzleloading Season of 2010 brought on quite a surprise thanks to the
Seducer. I had taken an evening stand in a clearcut of small pines. Things were
somewhat slow so I thought I’d blind call a 3 bugle cadence. What the heck, right?
Not fifteen minutes later, a beautiful 6 point stag came walking right below my
stand. I took that big boy at 5 yards.

I hunt Sikas a lot. You’ll never catch me out there without my Seducer.

Nicholas Fornaro
I took my wife Kari out and we called in 4 different stags.  Its nice to have that tool to
go to when conditions seem right.

Jason Kephart
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