Doug Wigfield retired, after 35 ½ years of service, as a Wildlife Biologist
with the Maryland DNR, Wildlife and Heritage Service. Highlights of his
career include: the reestablishment of the wild turkey on the Eastern Shore,
a multi year, sika deer trapping and tagging project, coordinating Maryland’
s National Archery in the Schools Program and youth education via many
programs especially the Maryland Envirothon.

He co-founded the Crowbusters Organization and is owner of Crowmart, an
on-line store catering to the equipment needs of serious crow hunters
throughout the world.

Doug is an avid hunter, writer and seminar speaker on hunting sika deer
and the wild turkey. He has successfully used and advocated sika calling
for over twenty five years and premiered the "Sika Seducer" call five years
ago. He conducted and appeared in a sika deer hunting show and a turkey
hunting show on ESPN’s Under Wild Skies.

In the Fall of 2011, Doug interacted with Dr. James Kroll, Stephen F. Austin
University, and Gordon Whittington, Editor of North American Whitetail
Magazine in a sika deer segment on Winchester's Dr. Deer Program airing
on the Sportsman's Network. The stag he killed is huge.

He is a freelance writer and has written numerous articles about sika deer,
turkeys and crow hunting.
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