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Wildlife Advantage is proud to offer the follow services

Land Management:
If your looking to improve your habitat, attract more game, or need an overview of your
property and how it plays a role in the environment with state and county regulations,
Wildlife Advantage can provide a biological overview and a written report.

Wildlife management is proud to feature Doug Wigfield for any speaking engagement.
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Specific product endorsement:
We feature a few select products that are tried and true and have our stamp of
approval on them. If you happen to have a unique product and are interested in
marketing it, pleas contact Wildlife Advantage to discuss the possibilities.

Wildlife Advantage and Recreational Planning:
Your property will serve your recreational interests and needs best if it is managed
using a clear and concise plan; a road map, so to speak, to take you from where you
are to where you want to be. We will visit your property and do an assessment of
what exists currently.  Then we’ll discuss your objectives and make sound
management recommendations. Implementing the plan by scheduling and performing
the management activities comes next. We’ll then monitor and maintain.
Please call now and let Wildlife Advantage get the ball rolling towards improving your
habitat to attract more game so that you can have the time of your life.
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